Welcome to Global Horizons LIMITED

Owning a business of your own is one of the most exciting opportunities everyone has always been dreaming about. At
GLOBAL HORIZONS LIMITED we have the experience and professional staff to guide you down the path to success. We have relationships with different Franchisors, Financial Institutions and Landlords to help you achieve the goals you have been dreaming about on a Turnkey basis.

We are the most economical developers of the finest high image businesses to be found in Canada. We offer a total comprehensive package covering every pertinent aspect of opening and running a successful retail business long term.

Having opened many businesses for our valued client companies in Canada, we are uniquely qualified to provide Canadians a pathway to build success and independence with their own business.

Ever since, we started helping our client companies to establish their Retail businesses in Canadian Marketplace, we studied different Retail Segments within the industry. We met different groups who have been either operating different kids of retail businesses or have been associated with this industry in any way. We found out that the Retail Industry was under serviced in Canada. So, we happened to dig more into it and travelled within North America to find some more suitable solutions for our client companies.

GLOBAL HORIZONS LIMITED is offering the most economical strategies to build the most prestigious businesses in the Retail Industry. Just ask those who have utilized our experience and expertise to build their way to their dreams and independence.

What are we able to bring to the entrepreneurs of Canada ?

With this depth of expertise, we will be expanding our experience in all provinces and territories in Canada in next few years.

.  Many years of Small Business experience with a new vision and a new trend.
.  Team of Site Location experts.
.  Lease negotiators who are professionals and have an eye for a successful location.
.  Merchandise resources for our growing number of stores.
.  Extensive training and long-term support.
.  Store Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment & any Lease Holds made by top branded manufacturers.



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